"Better Built Basements actually exceeded my expectations for all three.

Trust – my meeting with Jim and Kelly was the first contractor meeting I'd had where I truly felt I could trust the people I was talking to – not only to be honest, but to be able to deliver the quality they promised. They were straightforward and explanatory; and this carried throughout the entire project and with all the members of their team.

Partner – I was pleasantly surprised that they were such a partner to me all through the process. I'd never done a renovation before and was so appreciative of their suggestions for those design and function details I never would have thought of (I love my columns!), for their guidance on electrical and HVAC, and especially of their willingness to let me take the time I needed to figure out what I wanted (who knew there were so many paint and carpet colors…)

Quality – I am so very pleased with the quality of my basement – from start to finish everything was done with the highest attention to detail I have a newly constructed home, but my basement is, by far, the very best part of it. I enthusiastically recommend Better Built Basements to YOU.