"You are not kidding with the name of your company. Better Built Basements is RIGHT!!!! You took our basement from 1968 and turned it into a Supersized 2011 basement. The space has been transformed into the best room in our house.

What impressed us most about your company is your communication with us (the customer) and yourselves (the crew). There was never a time I wasn't aware of what the next steps were, and what was completed that day. It was reassuring to know everyone was on the same page as to what had been done, and where the project was going.

Another point I would like to make is how excellent everyone was at making suggestions. When an idea would come up, such as built in shelving or making the stairs down the basement transition better, it seemed like the team knew exactly what look and style was best for the space. That was very impressive. To not be left out there on a limb to come up with all the ideas.

In regards to professionalism and timeliness, you were all amazing. We cannot thank you enough how patient you were with our kiddos and appreciate the many Sundays you all worked to get the job done. I am, and will continue to recommend Better Built Basements to anyone who's interested.