What we are writing is not just a nicely worded testimonial letter; we are telling a story, a story that we couldn't wait to tell everybody – our son working far away on the other side of the Pacific, our niece living on the West coast, and our neighbors and friends – how once a nightmare has turned into the joys of owning a great "Better Built Basement!"

Located in West Hartford, our basement was flooded by the backwater in April 2011, with the wall panels, carpeting, furniture pieces and book collections totally ruined, leaving a smell that made us feel sick. Now, after a month's work by Better Built Basements, LLC, it looks spic and span, with newly painted walls, a new carpet, a new ceiling, a new heating system, an even larger space, and above all, a fond memory we'll cherish for many years to come. We will remember the company's absolutely great group of workers, dedicated and skillful, polite and caring, their passion for excellence, and a rare commitment to the set schedule. We won't forget, for example, how Jim, owner of the company, led a team of four in their fight against heat on July 22, the day the project began. Jim's son, a teenager, also came to help. The room temperature hit 100 the second day and yet they worked nonstop from 7:30a to 5:00p.

You may say, well, there is no free lunch; you pay for what you get. It's true. But what's also true is that you are a true happy customer when you receive more, or much more, for what you have paid for. Actually the Better Built Basements LLC was the lowest bidder among four companies we had looked at. We are not only happy with Jim's fair charge but are also impressed with the added values that go beyond the dollar amount.

One such added value is the company's responsiveness. We had an unexpected renewed flooding threat just a few days ago due to the town's system failure caused by the tropical storm Irene. As we panicked, we called Jim. Within half an hour, the man showed up. He calmed us down and helped with things that were not even his responsibilities. Thanks you Jim! Thank you all those fine workers!

We are very fortunate to have had Jim and his Better Built Basements, a company we really want to recommend to all and hope our joy will become yours one day. Our niece has flown from Seattle to enjoy our new basement, and our son, daughter-in-law and grandchild will fly across the Pacific in late October to see the rebuilt basement. You see, we have made our basement a big deal in our life!