Better Built Basements was the best contractor I've ever hired ever, from start to finish. They gave an aggressive bid and stuck to it with no surprises. They showed up every day when they said they would and worked full days, including many weekends. They were professional, efficient, pleasant, responsive. BBB obtained all the permits and ran interference with the town inspector. It was one stop shopping. Jim, the owner, personally was on top of the project every day and would respond to inquiries quickly.

They started the project in early October and promised to finish it by Christmas. Incredibly, they finished AN ENTIRE MONTH EARLY! My basements was done and perfect before THANKSGIVING, not Christmas as promised. When has a contractor ever come in a month early, and on budget? I would unhesitatingly use BBB again for anything and everything, not just a basement. They use all of their own subcontractors and/or regulars, so all the plumbing, electrical, etc. was under the direct control and direction of BBB. I researched other basement companies and found BBB to be the most responsive and pleasant on the front end, so I went with BBB and could not be happier with the result. I have horror stories from years gone with contractors not finishing, not showing up, charging more, using my money for other projects, etc so I was wary about this new major project. Going with BBB was one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. BBB is an honest and upstanding company, starting at the top with the ownership. I could not be more effusive in my praise for BBB. Look no further than BBB