Hope you are all doing well. Gail and I wanted to send you off this note to let you know what a wonderful job you all did in collaborating with us to finish our basement. The process in and of itself was pretty straight forward. We have had 2 homes built for us over the years and we are pretty familiar with the construction process. We had actually gotten another 2 companies to give us a quote for the same work to be done and were flabbergasted with the pricing that we were given and the amount of time it would take to complete. So we were happy with your quote and for the workmanship that went into the completion of the basement.

When we first met and walked through the basements and the type of design we were looking for, the team took those thoughts and put them into a sketch that we all worked with. Either eliminating or adding things as well as moving what we really didn't think worked at the time and finally came up with a finished plan that we felt worked for our needs and would lend itself to a living space that we would enjoy for many years to come.

Once that was done, we met and put all the finishing touches together and worked out the details for the budget. There were not surprises, we were given the items that we needed to pick out, the venues where we could find each of these or we were able to hit any of the home improvement or wholesale clubs of our choice. The budget was built to support what we wanted as a finished product and the guidelines that we needed to work with and under to complete the project on budget and on time. We had quite a few companies that we also dealt with through the design and construction process. All venues that we were given had the teams that were customer focused and met our design needs.

You and your team kept us on track and on budget, well, my wife got us off of that a little bit.. LOL. We were able to finish our “gorgeous basement” on time and on budget. We have shown this off to our friends and relatives and they are standing in line to move in. I just told my Aunt the other day that there is a long line of prospective tenants right now, but we would move her to the front of the line.

Again, you and your team were very professional; all the bus that worked in our home were very polite and treated our home with respect. I’m the type of person who likes to see how things are done and i ask a lot of questions so t hat I'm informed of how a process comes together. All the crews were very nice to answer any questions that we had along the way. There was never a night where the basement was ever left a mess and we pride you all for that attention to detail. I even told one of the crews that it wasn’t necessary to clean up one night and the answer that I got was, “We don't leave a job without having everything clean and in order for the next day or the next crew that is coming in”.

We were thrilled when asked to have our basement filmed and a commercial aired on TV with Scott Haney. It was an experience that we wont forget. We are proud of the way the basement came out and that your company felt that it was a show place to have advertised on TV.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to you all for a job well done. We have recommended your company to several friends and relatives and wish you all the best for a future of Better Built Basements.


Gail & John B.