We selected 4 different Angie's list contractors to quote on my wife's office project.  She is a landscape architect and designed her office exactly how she wanted it with special size drawers, cabinets and a built in desk.   BBB was prompt to look at the job and had a quote to us in one week.  Most others contractors took over 3-4 weeks to provide us with quotes.   BBB was not the lowest price, but their professionalism and communication was top notch, following up with my wife on the specifics of what she wanted. 
Once we paid the 50% deposit, they turned the custom cabinets and built ins around in approx. 4 weeks and installed everything in 3 days.  

The quality of the materials and the installation were excellent.  Don, the lead carpenter was very experienced and did everything to make the job perfect.   We had problems with the drawer sliders and they came back and replaced them twice until they worked exactly the way my wife wanted and how they were specified.   It was great to have a contractor tell us - "we will make it right until your happy" and follow through. 
The entire office looks fantastic and my wife is very happy.   We had a number of smaller repairs on other built ins in our house that we ashed BBB to repair.   Don fixed everything in one day.  Everyone at the company is passionate about the customer and their satisfaction. 
We can highly recommend BBB - they are top notch