Basement Custom Bars

Entertain Your Guests in Style with a Custom Bar in Your Basement


Basement Custom Bars in Connecticut

Putting a custom bar in your basement can be great for so many reasons. For starters, you can use the space to entertain any guests you might have. Having a bar separate from the kitchen in your home gives you more ability to stock different kinds of alcohol to appeal to everyone’s different tastes.  Not to mention, it helps move your guests out of the kitchen and dining room and to a dedicated space for cocktails or a more casual gathering. Parties at your home can become the talk of the town with your hospitality. Adding a custom bar to your basement can also be a great addition to a man cave or a great way to entertain during girl’s nights.

Considerations for Putting a Custom Bar in Your Basement

When putting a custom bar in your basement, you’ll need to plan for a few things to make sure your basement is safe and up to building codes. You’ll also need to think about the size of the bar you want to install as well as the design details. There are so many options to choose from that no two basement bars would ever need to be the same. You can even customize your bar area to incorporate with your overall décor theme. Here are a few things you’ll want to consider if you are thinking about adding a bar:

  • Dry Bar or Wet Bar? – A dry bar, that is one without a sink and or any kind of plumbing, may include just a wine or beer fridge and built-ins for your spirits, but nothing else. A wet bar, on the other hand, will have a sink and faucets for water, etc.  Depending on which route you choose will have a major impact on pricing.  Take time to consider if you really need to wash glasses in the basement or are you comfortable having a space for a bin to carry your dirty glasses upstairs and wash them in your kitchen?
  • Moisture – The first issue you need to investigate in any basement renovation is moisture. If there is a current leak or condensation problem, you’ll want to have it fixed before the work begins. Water damage is the last thing you want to worry about before doing renovations to your basement. Just remember, there is a difference between dealing with standing water or moisture coming through a crack or seam in your foundation versus humidity or a damp air in the basement.  Be sure to talk to talk to your contractor get guidance and options. You also don’t want to risk your health with potential mold and mildew growth.
  • Plumbing – If you choose to install a wet bar, you’ll have to factor in where the plumbing and piping will be installed. If it works for your setup and budget, it can be nice to have a sink for quick cleanup issues, but you might also consider installing a dishwasher. To take your renovation one step further, you might even want to have a bathroom on the basement level to keep your bar guests from wandering.
  • Lighting and Wiring – Lighting is an essential factor to consider for your custom basement bar. Most such areas incorporate dim lighting. You might enjoy having a dimmer switch to continue full utilization of your basement once you’ve declared a last call. You’ll also need to assess your wiring to install the new lighting as well as accommodating any televisions or sound equipment you might incorporate.
  • Cabinetry – Selecting custom cabinetry can really make your bar stand out. You can go with almost any style or color options to make it suite your wants.
  • Framing – You could consider leaving the whole basement as an open concept or you might choose to frame out the bar area.

Locating Connecticut Professionals for Putting a Custom Bar in Your Basement

It’s easy to find a reliable basement renovation team in your area through a basic internet search. Using Google or social media platforms is helpful because of the access to reviews and ratings that companies have received previously. You should carefully review their scores to see how several businesses stack up. Also, be sure to protect your investment by finding a company that is licensed and insured.

Before you contact a remodeling company, have your custom bar plans ready. This way you are prepared for any questions the business may ask. Sometimes, what you have in mind may need to be adjusted for following building codes and regulations.

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