Basement Stairs

Increase Your Home’s Value with a Beautiful Stairs Upgrade


Connecticut Basement Stair Renovations

When a construction company first builds your home, they usually install standard staircases to access the basement area.  These may be more functional and utilitarian in both appearance and construction, providing access to an unfinished space and your home’s mechanical systems.

There are exceptions to this, like in custom home builds. However, you can choose various upgrades to add value to your home when updating your basement stairs. This can include adding more functionality with built-in storage options or change up your current drab style to make them more visually appealing.  One of the most common options is to increase your stair’s integrity to accommodate extra traffic if your basement is being remodeled into a usable space like a home gym, office, or entertainment space of some sort. Whatever you choose to do, consider consulting a professional team to get the job done right and add maximum value to your home.

Things to Consider When Updating Your Basement Stairs

Whenever you start any kind of home renovation there are certain aspects you’ll need to check on. These ensure health and safety standards are followed and protect your hard-earned cash from going up in smoke. Basement areas in the home pose certain risks for things like moisture and headspace, so it’s important to look at every angle before getting started. You can also look up your local building codes and procedures to make sure you get started on the right foot. Consult with a professional if you are unsure of anything.

  • Town Building Codes – The building codes vary for each town in Connecticut, so you will want to know what is and isn’t permitted before you get far along in the planning process. A good contractor or architect can help you sort through this and avoid any issues. Consulting with a professional basement renovation team or expert will help you determine the rise and run allowed within your measurements.
  • Moisture – The first issue you need to investigate in any basement renovation. If there is a current leak or condensation problem, you’ll want to have it fixed before the work begins. Water damage to equipment is the last thing you want to worry about in converting your basement into a home office. Just remember, there is a difference between dealing with standing water and moisture coming through a crack or seam in your foundation versus humidity or damp air in the basement.  Be sure to talk to your contractor to get guidance and options.
  • Maximize space – When you think of the way you want your staircase to look and function, you should also consider the space they take up. You can think about built-in storage options to maximize the area under the steps or by adding drawers into each step or bookcases on both sides of the staircases.
  • Cost – The budget you have for updating your basement stairs might confine you to fewer options. It is important to determine what you can afford to spend so that alternative options can be discussed when necessary.
  • Style – You can do a lot of different things with staircases. For starters, you can choose different building materials, like wood or steel. You can also choose how custom you’d want them to look by changing out handrails and adding hand-painted details.

Updating Your Basement Stairs with the Help of a Professional Renovation Team

Asking friends and family members for recommendations for a quick internet search can yield a lot of results for local basement renovation teams. You can use an internet browser, like Google, or social media or Angie’s List to find and compare several companies near you. Read through several of the ratings and reviews that previous customers have left for several contractors to find the one that will give you the best value.  Be sure to look for licensed and insured companies to protect your investment

Once you’ve found the company to contact, you should prepare a few things before you reach out. Have your rough idea of your plan on hand to go over with the professionals. Be prepared that what you envision for your space may change according to the codes and standards that must be followed.

The Better Built Basements Difference

What is different about Better Built Basements?  We give you the plans that include show all the wall locations, the type of ceilings, window locations, and show the layout of the unfinished space and the space to be finished.  Also, other than a plumber (which may not be needed for your project), everyone who works on your project will be a Better Built Basement employee.  We don’t use sub-contractors for any of the projects we undertake.

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Better Built Basements is a professional basement renovation company in Berlin, Connecticut area. You can contact us by calling (860) 829-8587.  Our social media pages reflect the latest in basement renovation news ideas.

We also have free estimates available for updating your basement stairs to make the remodeling process simple as can be.