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Make movie night a real treat with an in-home theater! Basements are one of the best places to set up a home theater for many reasons. Most basements are made with slab foundations that prevent vibrations from amplified speakers and sound systems. This minimizes disruptions to the rest of the house and your neighbors. You can also add in many custom features that will make your movie room one-of-a-kind.

To top it off, you can add built-in storage to accommodate multiple purposes like space for video games on the big screen. You can even consider having a platform built to create different height levels in the seating to make sure everyone has an optimized view of the screen.  Having an extra entertainment space means more enjoyment out of your home for the whole family.

What to Think About Before Starting Your Basement to Home Theater Renovation

Before you get going on your basement home theater renovation, there are a few considerations to take note of. You’ll want to thoroughly go over everything, so you know if a home theater space is achievable for you. You’ll have a clearer picture of what is possible by examining some key components. You’ll also want to have your ideas organized, so you’re ready to let the professionals know everything you’re looking for. It can cost more to add a new feature you choose after the conversion is already underway, so you’ll want to be completely prepared.

  • Size – A basement home theater is achievable in almost any size basement. However, the size may contribute to the determination of your seating, screen size, and sound systems.
  • Moisture – The first issue you need to investigate in any basement renovation is moisture to ensure the safety of your electronics. If there is a current leak or condensation problem, you’ll want to have it fixed before the work begins. Water damage to equipment is the last thing you want to worry about in converting your basement into a home office. Just remember, there is a difference between dealing with standing water and moisture coming through a crack or seam in your foundation versus humidity or damp air in the basement. Be sure to talk to your contractor to get guidance and options.
  • Wiring – A basement home theater takes a lot of wiring when there are many elements involved. You’ll need to incorporate plugs for all the electronics in a centralized area. You also must ensure that your home’s electric panel can manage the load of so many things plugged in and wired up.
  • Lighting – In a home theater, having custom lighting can be beneficial, such as wall sconces on both sides of the screen for that movie theater effect. Being able to dim your lights and having proper placement reduces interference with your screen. Preventing glare is key in enjoying a basement home theater.
  • WIFI Signal – Streaming services are very important in today’s home entertainment industry. You’ll want to be sure that there is an outstanding WIFI signal to prevent long buffering cycles and interruptions in your connections.
  • Acoustics and Finishing Touches – Everything you consider in your finishing touches should be done with acoustics in mind. You can change the way sound waves bounce in the room by the flooring you select and the types of panels you put on the walls. You’ll want to make sure everything is comfortable while providing insulation and great sound quality.

Finding a Basement Home Theater Contractor in Connecticut

Asking friends and family members for recommendations for a quick internet search can yield a lot of results for local basement renovation teams. You can use an internet browser, like Google, or social media or Angie’s List to find and compare several companies near you. Read through several of the ratings and reviews that previous customers have left for several contractors to find the one that will give you the best value.  Be sure to look for licensed and insured companies to protect your investment.

Setting up a basement home theater might require two contractors to complete the project – one to handle the renovations to the space and another one to handle the equipment for the home theater system itself.  Depending on the level of complexity of your installation, working with specialists for these two segments of the project might be worth considering.

Once you’ve found the company to contact, you should prepare a few things before you reach out. Have your rough idea of your plan on hand to go over with the professionals. Be prepared that what you envision for your space may change according to the codes and standards that must be followed. If you’ve done your research to find a basement renovation company near you, move on to contacting them.

The Better Built Basements Difference

What is different about Better Built Basements?  We give you the plans that include show all the wall locations, the type of ceilings, window locations, and show the layout of the unfinished space and the space to be finished.  Also, other than a plumber (which may not be needed for your project), everyone who works on your project will be a Better Built Basement employee.  We don’t use sub-contractors for any of the projects we undertake.

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