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Turn Up The Fun with a Basement to Home Game Room Renovation


Custom Basement Game Rooms in Connecticut

Is your basement looking a little boring? Why not make it exciting again with a game room renovation! Game rooms can take on many forms ranging from retro arcades to formal billiard rooms, ping pong parlors, or foosball stadiums. You can even make your own mini casino!

Converting a basement to accommodate these kinds of areas makes for a place that the whole family can enjoy. Basement games rooms also make amazing entertainment spaces for all your guests. There are loads of features you can add to get even more value out of your new basement game room.

Considerations for a Basement Game Room Renovation

Before starting any kind of basement renovation, there are several factors to consider. First off, you need to determine whether it is a safe space to spend time in. Things like emergency exits and stairways along with headspace and structural supports should all be checked.

Next, you need to examine the moisture levels of your basement to address any problems. Not tackling a potential leak or humidity problem can cost you all your investment in the long run. Finally, consider your budget. Game rooms may cost more than a standard basement conversion depending on what options you select. There are several different aspects that determine overall costs of basement game room renovations:

  • Town Building Codes – The building codes vary for each town in Connecticut, so you will want to know what is and isn’t permitted before you get far along in the planning process. A good contractor or architect can help you sort through this and avoid any issues.
  • Moisture – The first issue you need to investigate in any basement renovation. If there is a current leak or condensation problem, you’ll want to have it fixed before the work begins. Water damage to equipment is the last thing you want to worry about in converting your basement into a home office. Just remember, there is a difference between dealing with standing water and moisture coming through a crack or seam in your foundation versus humidity or damp air in the basement.  Be sure to talk to your contractor to get guidance and options.
  • Insulation – Keeping your basement game room warm in the winter and cool during the summer will give you the ability to use it year-round. This also keeps any sensitive electronics from being affected by temperature extremes.
  • Soundproofing – Game rooms bring tons of excitement and noise tends to come with that. Whether the volume of your entertaining is coming from the games or the guests, you’ll want to be sure you’re not disturbing the rest of the house or your neighbors by installing proper soundproofing. Keep in mind, soundproofing can quickly get very expensive, so consider if you really need it.
  • Wiring – If you’re considering a lot of electronic games for your basement’s future, you’ll need to think of the wiring. Ensuring your system can handle the load is wise whenever doing any kind of remodeling. A basement game room certainly will need extra accommodations.
  • Lighting Lighting should be chosen according to your own specific needs. If you’re mostly interested in table games, you may opt for a brighter choice, while electronic games might be more suited to dim lights.

How to Find a Connecticut Basement Renovation Team Near You

Asking friends and family members for recommendations for a quick internet search can yield a lot of results for local basement renovation teams. You can use an internet browser, like Google, or social media or Angie’s List to find and compare several companies near you. Read through several of the ratings and reviews that previous customers have left for several contractors to find the one that will give you the best value.  Be sure to look for licensed and insured companies to protect your investment

Once you’ve found the company to contact, you should prepare a few things before you reach out. Have your rough idea of your plan on hand to go over with the professionals. Be prepared that what you envision for your space may change according to the codes and standards that must be followed.
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The Better Built Basements Difference

What is different about Better Built Basements?  We give you the plans that include show all the wall locations, the type of ceilings, window locations, and show the layout of the unfinished space and the space to be finished.  Also, other than a plumber (which may not be needed for your project), everyone who works on your project will be a Better Built Basement employee.  We don’t use sub-contractors for any of the projects we undertake.

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Better Built Basements is a professional basement renovation company in the Berlin, Connecticut area. You can contact us by calling (860) 829-8587.  Our social media pages reflect the latest in basement renovation news ideas.

We also have free estimates available for updating your basement stairs to make the remodeling process simple as can be.