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4 Top Connecticut Basement Renovation Ideas

Apr 10, 2020 | Planning & Costs

Many basements remain unused, unfinished dark and dank places that tend to accumulate junk – potential living space going to waste.

Our Connecticut basement renovation services have transformed countless basements into a warm and welcoming area for families and their guests to enjoy.

Remodeling your basement also allows you to explore options that may not be possible in your main living space – your basement is a vast blank canvas just waiting for your inspiration and creativity.

There are multiple ways to put finished basements to good use, and they’re often used as a second living room or a dining room, but the possibilities go much further than that.

So, we’re going to look at some of the most popular basement renovation ideas that can enhance your quality of life and add value to your home.

We’ll start with basement bathrooms, bars, gyms, and multi-purpose.

Installing a Bathroom in Your Basement

A bathroom installation will increase the cost of your basement renovation, but many home-owners feel the advantages outweigh the extra expense.

A bathroom will enhance your basement as a comfortable living space where your family and guests can relax and spend quality time.

The main benefit of a basement bathroom is the convenience of not having to go upstairs to use the restroom or access running water. Also, an extra bathroom comes in handy when you are hosting an event at your house or just overnight guests.

A basement professionally finished with a bathroom will also be a big plus if you decide to sell your home, and buyers will expect to pay a higher price for the extra convenience.

Once you’ve installed plumbing for a basement bathroom, it opens up further possibilities, such as a wet bar.

Basement Bar Ideas

If you’re like collecting wine or prefer craft beers or fashion yourself an amateur mixologist, a bar may well be high on your list of basement remodeling priorities to make the space more inviting and facilitate socializing while enjoying nibbles and drinks.

custom bar can be tailored to your personal preferences and your budget, with options such as:

  • A sleek, modern bar.
  • Classic, elegant bar.
  • Minimalist wooden bar.
  • Sophisticated glass bar.
  • Trendy sports bar.
  • Themed “tiki” bar

To give you food for thought, here are some basement bar ideas from House Beautiful Magazine.

You can further customize your basement bar from a range of options, including:

  • Wall-mounted bottle opener.
  • Built-in cabinets with pull-out drawers for bottles.
  • Pub-style seating and tables.
  • Under-shelf lighting.
  • Wine fridge
  • Ice maker
  • Beer taps

A wet bar – with a sink and running water – gives you the added convenience of not having to keep trotting upstairs to your kitchen to clean glasses.

A Home Gym in Your Basement

A workout space in your basement is ideal if you like to stay in shape or want to lose weight without having to join an expensive gym or fitness centers.

home gym in your basement also gives you the convenience of being able to work out whenever you feel like it – with no commute, just a short trip downstairs.

A further advantage of having your own gym is that you can customize it, so it’s a comfortable, motivating space where you’ll enjoy spending time. If you have a specific workout regimen – yoga, free weights, cardio equipment – all can be incorporated into your home gym plan depending on the space available.

Multi-Purpose Basements

Because basements are typically large areas, they can lend themselves to partitioning into different zones for various activities.

For instance, you can create a multi-purpose basement by incorporating features such as:

Need Help with Basement Renovation Ideas?

When it comes to basement remodeling ideas, you can transform the space for a specific role or as a multi-purpose area – and the possibilities are practically endless, without the hassle and expense of building an extension.

The additional living space can make home life better for your family and allow you to entertain guests in style.

A professional basement renovation can also add value to your home, allowing you to recoup a large slice of the cost of the job if you sell your house – basement remodels generally return a much higher return on investment than any other project to increase living space.

As leading Connecticut basement remodeling contractors, Better Built Basements are here to help you with your basement renovation ideas and explain the many options available to create your perfect basement living space.

Our extensive knowledge and experience make us Connecticut’s finest choice for all your remodeling needs – from basements and built-ins to kitchens and baths.