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Decisions to Make Your Basement Office Shine

Jan 25, 2023 | Planning & Costs

With so many people working from home now, many families have had to get creative with their home offices. The basement has often been the go-to choice for an office, even if accommodations aren’t perfect. You can use these basement office ideas to make the most of your available space.

Make Sure You Have the Right Lighting

Perhaps you are facing a common challenge with your basement office — no windows. This is far from the ideal situation, as natural light plays a major part in productivity and health. However, there are steps you can take to improve your space.

First, make sure that you have ample lighting. Recessed lighting, pendant lights, cove lights, and other options can all improve your lighting without taking up much space. Fluorescent lighting can also provide a lot of light in a small space.

You also want the right color temperature for your basement office lighting. In most cases, you want something around 4,000 Kelvin. This is a neutral white light that helps enable productivity.

Maximize Your Storage Space

Space is a major consideration in most basement office ideas, so you need to ensure that you have everything you need to work in a compact area. That’s going to require some type of built-in storage for all of your office supplies.

You don’t want to be wasting time going back and forth all day, so closer storage is better than farther. You can often incorporate built-in storage into walls in your basement.

Depending on your foundation type and basement finishing, there’s often ample space for built-in storage. Even if your home office is temporary, the storage can serve other purposes in the future.

Zone Out Your Office Space

Basement Home Office Design &Amp; Renovations In Connecticut

Basement Home Offices In Connecticut

When you need somewhere to work at home, it’s always best to have a dedicated area. Setting up a desk in your basement game room is far from an ideal situation. However, not every home has an additional room available for your basement office.

You can compromise and enjoy the best of both worlds by zoning out your basement office space. Basically, you can set up an area within a larger room and use a variety of options to isolate the space.

There are portable floor-to-ceiling panels available for just this purpose. They come in many styles, including natural wood grain. You can also consider implementing a storage wall to isolate your office while providing storage at the same time.

Try Light Flooring and Wall Options

Your basement office colors will also have a big impact on your productivity. In general, you want to go with something light for both flooring and walls. This makes the most of available lighting, reflecting light throughout the room.

This is very easy to achieve with carpet, which comes in many different light tones. You can always go with white or neutral paint for your walls. There are also many types of wood that fall on the lighter side of the spectrum.

Because it is a basement, various types of tiles or vinyl flooring are common choices. Depending on whether this is a permanent home office, those might be options to consider, and they come in just about every color and pattern.

Go with Warm Tones

Neutral colors are a common choice because they’re easy to coordinate, and you really can’t go wrong with them. If you do want something a bit more distinct, go with warmer colors rather than cooler ones.

Warm colors can help make the most of your available lighting. They also provide a calm and cozy ambiance. You can incorporate warm tones not just in walls and flooring but in your desk and other furniture as well.

Cool colors should be avoided in a home office. They can contribute to weariness and eyestrain over the course of the day.

Find Your Basement Office Inspiration

Whether you’re working from home temporarily, settling in permanently, or just need somewhere to find some peace and quiet, Better Built Basements can help you with the perfect basement office space. We’ll come up with a design that meets all of your needs and carry out reliable construction. Reach out to our team today to get started.

Our extensive knowledge and experience make us Connecticut’s finest choice for all your remodeling needs – from basements and built-ins to kitchens and baths.